Welcome to Wolfie and Whisker, your ultimate stop for superior pet accessories and playthings. Tucked away in the picturesque landscapes of the Gold Coast, Australia, our brand symbolises the enchanting blend of love, luxury, and loyalty. We are 100% Aussie, a homegrown brand that infuses the spirit of Australia into every product we craft and every service we offer.

Wouter & Shaiyan

Branch Manager

When you choose Wolfie and Whisker, you’re not just opting for a pet accessory; you’re deciding to indulge in a luxury lifestyle for your adorable companions. You’re becoming a part of our extended family, one that believes in the beautiful bond between humans and animals. More so, you’re supporting an Australian business, fueling our local economy, and helping create job opportunities for our fellow Aussies.

We are committed to delivering products that not just cater to your pets’ needs but also complement your aesthetic and lifestyle. Our focus is on quality, style, and comfort, making sure that both you and your pets feel special and pampered.

So come, join us on this journey where we strive to make your pet’s day better, one tail wag at a time. Discover the perfect blend of luxury and love with Wolfie and Whisker, where pets are family, and their happiness is our mission. Welcome aboard to a world that treasures the unique bond you share with your pets, a world where pets aren’t just pets, but an integral part of your family.